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Hardwood Bark Mulch

Our hardwood bark mulch is great for all your landscaping needs. Our mulch is double ground, naturally composted giving it a dark brown color. Mulch is available for pick up during regular hours. Delivery is available within  10 miles. Please call for more details 10 yd (full truck).

Shredded Bark

Shredded Bark Mulch

This is great for large areas or animal bedding! The bark has not been composted down. We do not recommend shredded bark for placing around plants.

Wood Chips

Wood Chips

When we saw out lumber the pieces that cannot be made into boards are chipped into wood chips. These are great for muddy areas, bedding, and walkways.

Landscaping mulch - $35.00 per  1-1/2 yard bucket picked up at the sawmill. 

Bark - $20.00 per 1-1/2 yard bucket picked up.

Wood chips - $20.00 per 1-1/2 yard bucket pick up.



Animal Bedding

By-products of producing lumber are sawdust and wood chips. We only make so much bedding a week depending on production. Please call to confirm availability before coming to pick up.   


*New policy sawdust sales only on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday only!

Bedding $20.00 for 1-1/2 yard bucket. Usually takes 2 buckets to fill an average truck bed.

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